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City of Troup Debt Information


City of Troup Tax Supported Debt Obligations

Certificates of ObligationCouncil ApprovedApproved AmountFunding SourcePurpose
2013 Refunding Certificates of ObligationYes$1,544,000Ad Valorem TaxesConstruction of Elevated Water Storage Tank
2020 Combination Tax and Surplus Water and Sewer System Revenue Certificates of ObligationYes$844,000Ad Valorem TaxesRenovation of Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Troup Lease Purchase or Lease Revenue Debt Obligations

TypeCouncil ApprovedApproved AmountPurpose
Lease PurchaseYes$44,698.00Storm Siren
Lease PurchaseYes$34,155.71Tractor
Lease PurchaseYes$72,500.00Backhoe
Lease PurchaseYes$65,330.00Vacuum Excavator
Lease PurchaseYes$102,588.00Water Well Equipment

City of Troup Current Debt Obligations

Per Capita
Total Outstanding
Debt Obligations
Tax Supported
Debt Obligations
Revenue Supported
Debt Obligation
Lease Purchase or Lease Revenue
Debt Obligations

Per Capita is based on the 2020 Census

CHART City of Troup Tax Supported and Revenue Supported Debt 2019 thru 2023 (2)
CHART Inflation Adjusted Debt Obligations per capita 2018 thu 2023

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